A New Generation of Environmental Stewardship


Looking for information on environmental health?  Take a look at these great interactive websites and reports:

Environmental Health Resources

Environmental Scorecard
Get an in-depth pollution report for your county, covering air, water, chemicals, and more.

The tool combines interactive maps and aerial photography to display facility-based information from the Envirofacts Warehouse.

AP Online
See how the health risk from industrial air pollution in your neighborhood compares to other neighborhoods across the country

The Influence of Lead Exposure and Toxicity to Children's Neurological Development and School Performance. (pdf) - March 1994
"The results of lead poisoning are most often dealt with in school systems where, in some cases, over 50 percent of students are lead poisoning victims."

Asthma, Traffic and Air Pollution - Environmental Defense Fund
"Asthma is one of the leading causes of school absenteeism, accounting for over 14 million missed school days annually."

Collaborative on Health and the Environment (CHE) - Toxicant and Disease Database
A searchable database showing 180 human diseases and the chemical contaminants they are linked to.

Children's Environmental Health Network (CHEN)
"Protecting the Fetus and the Child against Environmental Hazards"

Detroit Vacant Property Campaign  (LISC, Community Legal Resources, UM, CDAD)
The DVPC was formed to empower communities to address vacant land through policy work, technical assistance and legal resources. 

Incinerator; plans to transition to citywide recycling
Articles and information regarding the Incinerator over the last several months.

Eartheasy Non-toxic Home Care
Non-toxic cleaning guide.

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics
Protect your health from chemicals used in cosmetics that are linked to cancer, birth defects, and other health problems.

Sustainable Resources Center
Lead issues, healthy homes, and energy use

*For more information on mitigating the effects of industrial pollution, contact DWEJ to find our about our CHATS (Community Hazard Awareness Training) program. To learn more about this program, please click here.


The organizations listed below are resources for information on environmental, health, and educational issues on the topic of environmental justice.

Alliance for Healthy Homes
This organization works to prevent and eliminate hazards in homes that can harm the health of children, families, and other residents. These hazards include lead, mold, carbon monoxide, radon, pests, and pesticides.

Clark Atlanta University Environmental Justice Resource Center
Led by renown author and environmental justice researcher Dr. Robert Bullard               

Deep South Center for Environmental Justice
Headed by Dr. Beverly Wright, leading scholar on environmental justice issues

Lead Elimination Action Program is a lead poisoning prevention program for zip codes 48213 and 48214

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
The mission of NIEHS is to reduce the burden of human illness and disability by understanding how the environment influences the development and progression of human disease.

People Organized in Defense of Earth and her Resources
Also known as PODER, this organization, based in Austin, Texas, is one of the leading examples of grassroots environmental justice work.

SouthWest Organizing Project
Important Latin-led organization for economic and environmental issues

United Parents Against Lead
A parent organization for the prevention of lead poisoning and environmental hazards

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Office of Environmental Justice
Home for federal activity on environmental justice

West Harlem Environmental Action (WE ACT)
WE ACT for Environmental Justice is a vigorous advocate for and a significant monitor of the Northern Manhattan environment.

Detroit Urban Research Center
The URC engages in research that strengthens the ability of partners to develop, implement, evaluate and disseminate health promotion, disease prevention and health services programs aimed at reducing health disparities and addressing health concerns identified by the communities involved.

Coalition of Black Trade Unionists - Community Action and Response Against Toxins (CARAT) Teams
Along with other safety and environmental allies, C.A.R.A.T. Teams help to educate and monitor issues such as illegal waste dumping and hauling in poor communities.


Green Building/Energy Efficiency Resources

Building Performance Institute Inc.
BPI offers training, certification, accreditation and quality assurance programs for performance contracting.  

Chicago Center for Green Technology 

A LEED platinum redevelopment of a major brownfield site in Chicago, now serves as a public learning center and houses sustainable organizations and businesses.

 Department of Energy: Energy Savers Blog

The Energy Savers Blog provides a place for consumers to learn about and discuss energy efficiency and renewable technologies at home, on the road, and in the workplace.

 Department of Environmental Grants and Loans Catalogue

 Department of Environmental Quality

Green Building and Waste recycling

DTE's My Energy Analyzer

Analyze your personal energy use based on your bill and compare with other typical homes and businesses. 

Energy Office Community Energy Project Grants

Grants for energy education and demonstration projects.

Contact: John Sarver (517) 241-6280, jhsarve@michigan.gov.

 Energy Star - "Change the World, Start with Energy Star"
Join with millions of others to take small, individual steps that make a big difference in the fight against global warming.

 Go Green Consulting Blog            

WARM Training Center's Green Building Consulting Blog

Green Architecture & Design
Tree Hugger - "The Ultimate Guide to Going Green"

Green Communities (Enterprise) Online Trainings

Free online training sessions on high performance building

Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC)
Community Assistance Team programs in Brownfield Redevelopment Financing Tools

Rebuild Michigan Energy Services

Technical support for public building energy efficiency.

Contact Tim Shireman of the Energy Office at (517) 241-6281, tashire@michigan.gov.

SRP Home Energy Manager
Interactive house demo shows you where and how energy is used in the home.

Repower America: 100% Clean Electricity Within 10 Years
Wecansolveit.org's factsheet on energy efficiency.                                                                                                  


Funding Resources 

Ford Foundation - Program in Environment and Development
We work to support natural resource management and environmental justice strategies that help poor communities overcome environment and development challenges, as well as the economic exclusion and social marginalization that underlie them. 

Kresge Foundation - Green Building Initiative
Environmental conservation (sustainable building practices, environmental stewardship and sound land-use planning) is a core value of The Kresge Foundation. Our Green Building Initiative advances environmental conservation by awarding planning grants for sustainable design.

Enterprise Foundation - Green Communities
Green Communities provides funds and expertise to enable developers to build and rehabilitate homes that are healthier, more energy efficient and better for the environment -- without compromising affordability. Green Communities also assists state and local governments to ensure their housing and economic development policies are smart and sustainable. 


Policy/Research Resources

Mayor Cockrel's Green Task Force Interim Report (pdf) - Summer 2008
An ongoing, working document that describes what the Green Task Force is, and where it is going.

Green Recovery: A Program to Create Good Jobs and Start Building a Low-Carbon Economy - Summer 2008
Green Recovery Report from PERI UMASS

Green Economic Recovery Program: Impact on Michigan
Summer 2008 Green Recovery Report from PERI UMASS

Green Collar Jobs: An Analysis of the Capacity of Green Businesses to Provide High Quality Jobs for Men and Women with Barriers to Employment (pdf) - 2007
Case Study of Berkeley, CA

Community Jobs in the Green Economy (pdf) - 2007
Apollo Alliance & Urban Habitat Report 

Clean Michigan Initiative Overview - November 1998
The Clean Michigan Initiative (CMI) is a $675 million bond approved by Michigan voters on November 3, 1998 to improve and protect Michigan's water resources.

Public Dialogues on Urban Revitalization and Brownfields (pdf) - April 1997
National Environmental Justice Advisory Council Report to EPA

Cap & Trade 101 (pdf) - 2008
The Environmental Justice Leadership Forum on Climate Change

The Truth about Cap & Trade (pdf) - 2008
The Environmental Justice Leadership Forum on Climate Change


Ensuring a Lifestyle of Sustainability